Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Princes of Alberta Island are now running scared....

as Suncor cuts its spending by a third. Yes, a whopping third.
“Our aim is to ensure we are living within our means during a time of market uncertainty, while also making the strategic spending decisions that will allow us to continue our growth path,” Suncor chief executive officer Rick George said in a news release.

Living within our means, how relevant and appropriate. Expect something similar from all the oil sands majors, minors and the expectants. Consumer spending will be the next shoe to drop in a big way even as the falling loonie makes big tickets purchases even more expensive. And the signs of it are clearly imprinted in the August Sales report.

"Alberta was the only province in the country in August to register an annual decline in retail sales."

Any specific reason? I think it's got everything to do with the MEW(or the house ATM or the home equity loans). Alberta was the only province to have registered an YOY decline by August this year and we can see how phony the 'growth story' was. It was never the oil money as we had been clamoring but the retail spending and construction money. Very much like in other parts of the world.

This can't bode well for the $400k shoe boxes in the prairie land, on either side of Lloydminister.

Right now, the loonie is in a free fall and so are oil prices. The other 'kings of the world', Goldman are chopping their workforce by 10 per cent....I think this is just the first step in cuts that will deep, prolonged and painful.

I consider myself to be bearish, but the rapid rate of fall of crude oil, stocks, loonie and everything other than USD has shocked even me. But I can't say there were no warnings.
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