Saturday, October 4, 2008

Deflationary Week

The WSJ has a very interesting graphic on how various investments did in the last week. It was massive wealth destruction across various asset classes.

We can safely add the TSX and Canadian dollars to the asset classes that were mauled quite badly.

The most common opinion out there is that the bail out package is inflationary. But a few people, including those from the Austrian school say that the bailout package is of very small scope as compared to the massive deflationary spiral that has been unleashed by the global credit contraction.

And while those who called for oil prices to fall below $80 or so were called lunatics just a few months ago, Merrill Lynch has now released a forecast for $50 oil if the global recession materializes.

Alberta Real Estate bulls and 'Fundamentals are strong in Canada' proponents had better be prepared to handle the destruction of their favorite underlying factors(commodity boom).
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