Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Global Demand Slowdown happening at a fast pace. Canada has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the boom in China, India and other fast growing emerging economies. But it looks like something is finally beginning to give in after years (or decades) of relentless growth.
Here's an interesting link on how Chinese importers are defaulting on Iron Ore purchases from India:
"Our exports are in deep red as there is no demand from China," said Rahul Baldota, president of the Federation of Indian Mineral Industries and managing director of miner MSPL Ltd.
Exports in the first half of September dropped to 1.99 million tonnes from 2.7 million tonnes in the same period last year.

FT is also reporting on the same item as well.

At least a few in Canada are taking notice of this:

That may sound like a manageable slowdown, but if China's economy hits any serious roadblocks, it won't take long for Canadian investors to start feeling the pain, given that nearly half of the benchmark S&P/TSX composite index is made up of resource stocks.

Island of Alberta should remain intact in the financial maelstrom though. Just ask any realtor or mortgage broker trying to lure the 'greatest fools' into a 0 down 40 year mortgage.
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