Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Market Turmoil

Despite the biggest boondoggle of this century getting passed quickly and becoming law, world financial markets are tumbling. Nikkei down 4.5 per cent. Indian stocks down by almost 6 per cent. Oil below $90 (who could have thought that?). A lot of people were speculating that Fed would cut again, but when you have so few bullets left in your armor, you do not want to waste them every time the markets fall by 5 per cent in a day. The days of Greenspan put were so good....
But finally it looks like Fed has found its match or better still. And that is deflation.
If global deflation does materialize, it will be very painful for everyone, but especially for those who carry debt. Commodities will be hit hard.
The last thing you should want to do is get into a zero down 40 year mortgage, but a lot of people seem determined to lend to people who can't save even $20k for their down payment. Yes, we don't have sub-prime in Canada.
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