Monday, October 27, 2008

More of the same?

What has changed since last week? Not much I guess. In our 'super power island', things are crawling to a halt in terms of sales, at least in Calgary. There is now 7 months of inventory for SFH in Calgary as per CREB ticker. This is perhaps the highest since the deflation of this bubble began.
Not unexpected at this time of the year, but it's likely to be worse than previous years if you account for the short term boost that the days before the end of 'subprime lending' gave to the sales.
The important thing is that even with oil at around $60 and natural gas a little over $6, no major bad news has hit Alberta yet in terms of lay offs and the employment picture. But for how long? People are still confident that they will ride through this storm unaffected. Perhaps the Canadian smugness will save them.
In other parts of the world, Aussie dollar has taken a brutal hit and is down all the way to 60 cents. At this point, the currency markets are pointing to something other than inflation for the world economy and it begins with a capital D. Can our loonie go to 65 cents or so?
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