Tuesday, September 30, 2008

They are a persistent bunch....

No matter, where you look at. From the realtors in Calgary, to Edmonton to fraudsters on Wall Street and Washington. Their sole aim is to make their commission, earn their profits and separate the masses from their money by getting them deeper into debt.
Now they are planning an unprecedented vote in the Senate and Mr Bush is going to address the nation yet again talking about how we are inches away from Armageddon.
And while they are it, they might also include a rehashed form of 'Suzzane Researched this' with 'Paulson/Bernanke researched this':

These are truly uncertain times and most certainly not a time when you pile up several hundred thousands of debt. But what's this, the Canadian GDP actually grew by 0.7 per cent due to higher energy costs, so everything is going great. The island looks fortified. Even though every major collapse in the US is creating a chink in the armour of the Canadian Financial system.
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