Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who could have thought this? Suncor making loss

It's probably an aberration as the prices plunged a lot faster than they had time to adjust their cost base. But it doesn't' bode well for Capital spending that a lot of Edmonton and Fort McMurray bulls had their expectations tied to.

The board this month approved a revised 2009 capital spending program of C$3 billion, with about one-third of that for “growth projects” and the remainder for the “base business,” Suncor said in the statement. An October plan had targeted spending of C$6 billion this year, 21 percent less than in 2008.

And as we have said numerous times in the past, clinging to historical highs is stupid. Suncor CEO admits,

“I think there’re some people hanging on to the history of it rather than the go-forward basis,” George said during the call.

What's the plan B for Alberta's future prosperity?
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