Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend Canadian Delusion Edition

  • This morning while perusing some Canadian news, I come across a headline "Home Depot buys its way out of project." Sure, bad times mean such decision are likely. But this is what I find instead as an explanation:
"Home Depot's decision is further proof some Canadian retailers are paying a high price for the economic woes south of the border, some observers said.

"They're (Home Depot Canada) definitely getting pressure from their U.S. parent just because things are so bad in the U.S.," said Michael McLarney, editor and publisher of the Canadian online home improvement retail magazine, Hardlines.

Are these guys for real? Don't they still see any problems with Canadian economy? When will they admit Canada is for twice the pain as the US.

  • Continuing on the topic of bigger pain, I think Canada experienced two bubbles while most other first world economies (Except say Australia and New Zealand) experienced just one. Our first bubble was the housing bubble and our second bubble was the commodity bubble. Which is why we are likely to be hit twice as hard in terms of falling employment exacerbated by falling commodity prices leading to further problems with the housing market.
  • The symptoms of deflation are here in Canada: "Canadian consumer prices fell a third consecutive month for only the second time since 1931 as energy prices plunged, giving policy makers room to lower interest rates to revive the world’s eighth-largest economy." They still believe in the infallibility of the central bankers and their ability to cut rates and force the economy out of the mess. The falling loonie will give some encouragement to Canadian 'inflationists' but purely Canadian items such as housing and wages will continue to fall further. A friend of mine in IT recruitment said that she has change a sea change in the attitude of lot of job seekers since November.
  • Your thoughts?

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