Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Open Thread

  • Based on the amount of spam left on previous thread by someone not too happy with the existence of this blog, it seems the blog is still serving a purpose. I've been incredibly busy with a few project deadlines and will resume posting more frequently soon.
  • I'm working on getting a better comments system in place so that the spammers' IP Addresses will be banned and publicly posted on this blog.
  • Just as I've mentioned a number of times in the past, as soon as resource revenues fall, there's going to be a big trouble with provincial government employment levels. The big guys are finally admitting it and we know it won't end happily. The funny thing is that nobody questions how the governemnt was able to generate massive surpluses a few years ago with oil prices at $35 and now the same governemnt is going to be solidly in red at the same prices of oil. Perhaps the natural gas prices are the factor but they haven't admitted it yet.
  • Have a good weekend.
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