Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yet another voice on Bubble

It seems all the contrarians who successfully called the US housing bubble and global credit bubble are somehow feeling remiss in their obligations to their readers by holding back in their perspective on the Canadian real estate.
The latest one to call the Canadian bubble is yet another contrarian-Karl Denninger. He rarely minces words and boldly proclaims what a majority of Canadians will be loathe to admit:

Canada is in for a housing bust WORSE THAN OURS.

And what is his rationale?
Canadian family income as a whole ("families of 2 persons or more") is allegedly $70,000 (approximately.) The average house price? $325,000.
That's a multiple of 4.64, or dramatically into bubble territory (the maximum for affordable housing is roughly 3x, so this is 154% of the maximum!)
It's worse in places like Vancouver - there the ratio is over 10 (!) for single-family homes and about 8x for all residences.
And he concludes by warning:
Beware Canadians..... you can argue over the timing of the outcome here, but if you think the "bad event" won't happen and act on that belief, don't cry when a year or three down the road I start piping up with "I told you so!"

That's too much truth in there to be handled by the mainstream readers. So enjoy the double top formation in Canadian and Alberta real estate prices.

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