Friday, December 18, 2009

China Bust Scenario

  • Is China overheating? An interesting post from Mish. Of great interest should be the video below where in a brand new huge city has been built with the obvious motivation of boosting the GDP numbers. Mal-investments? Who knows?
  • What happens when the China boom turns to a bust or eventually runs out. For Canada, and even more for Australia, the only growth story has been commodities. Take away Commodities and Canada's financial situation overall becomes a lot more perilous.
  • Obviously for most Canadians, such a scenario is nearly impossible to imagine. But remember until a few years ago nobody believed that housing prices could fall across the whole country, a la USA. So we are big fans of possible events that could become probable. Whenever the China bubble pops, the ramifications will be felt in the down under and the Great white north.
  • Leaving aside all other cases such as higher interest rates, CMHC, real estate speculation, this is the real wild card that not too many people want to talk about. Why? Because they don't see it happening.
  • And pray tell, what's our plan B, should commodities fall?
  • A couple of more interesting perspectives on Chinese bubbles and GDP calculations.
  • But such unsalubrious thoughts should not consume us during the Festivus season. Happy holidays to everyone.
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