Friday, October 16, 2009

And the secret recipe for continued housing strength is...

CMHC. Or secruitization and mortgages backed by us, the poor Canadian tax payers. CMHC has been given the go ahead to increase its mortgage cap limit to $600 billion by the Federal government. The government has full commitment to just one thing-ensuring that assets bubble don't deflate, no matter what the cost. For stupid $2 to $5 million items and expense items much smaller than that, there's a lot of debate, discussion, media attention and bickering. Yet hundreds of billions are implicitly guaranteed without anyone asking a single question anywhere. Such is the power bankers yield in this day and age.
Just for perspective, this limit is roughly half of our GDP. And when things go south, as they most likely will, what would it do to the Canadian sovereign rating? And deficits? the Loonie? Most of the people would ignore this, as they generally do until it's too late. We are following the footsteps of US just too closely.
The question is-will be lucky and see the bubble pop when the guarantees are mere $600 billion or will we have to wait till we hit a sweet trillion dollars or more?
At least the illusions of the strength of the Canadian banking system and the robustness of our lending practices are intact.

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