Thursday, May 1, 2008

Okay, the market kind of sucks, but how about some spin!

If you enjoy the headlines at the realtor sites, you'll probably not like the one I've used.
But I guess when your bread and butter depends on making an earnings by selling homes, you've got to master the art of seeing the positive in the sea of negative news.

So what if we have inventory that's close to all time high and it's only the end of April.
So what if have sales that are amongst the lowest in the last several years.
So what if we have the key benchmark price used by EREB and CREB down noticeably since last year.
So what if at the peak of buying season we have got dismal sales to new listings ratio.
We will still hold on to our fantastic interpretations of data. Because it suits us.
We cannot possibly go on and say with a straight to all the people who bought at the peak last year that real estate always goes up.
We made big suckers out of all of you (and ourselves included, after all we strongly believe in consuming "our own dog food") and it was great while it lasted.
We don't really know what's going to happen and we are running quite scared.
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