Friday, August 17, 2007

Weekend Open Thread...

Thanks for a wonderful week of discussion. This week has been the busiest for this blog with over 800 visitors averaging per day.

Some items worth discussion:
  • Edmonton Comfree inventory up to 2800. MLS is over 8600.
  • Calgary MLS is over 8000. WeList is over 2300.
  • Fed apparently panicking, two days after saying that there's no panic. Consequently, the stocks and oil prices jump. It's a strange world we live in. Fed is panicking because things are getting weaker and the market are rejoicing that rates will now be lower. So much reminiscent of the 2000-2001 behavior.
  • Are interest rates going to go lower? Will that lead to reinvigoration of real estate in Alberta?
  • Toronto real estate prices are down because "people are on cottage and so on..." Are these guys so lousy and hopeless that they can't come out with a better excuse than a school boy's "My dog ate my homework...." excuse.
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