Thursday, July 5, 2007

Calgary Numbers....

aren't much different from those of Edmonton. The important number to show decline is the Median Sales price that fell below the April 2007 levels to 388,000.
The total inventory is now up to 8087 a huge increase from last year.
Of course, if we add the Welist numbers, the inventory will be up to around 10,000.
That's roughly 1 property for sale for every hundred residents in Calgary. Will it go as high in Arizona, where the numbers are like 1 property for every 40 or so residents.
Let's see.

On a different note, I find it interesting that people suddenly almost demand empathy for those doing a distress sale (go to comments). Fair enough. But why should there be a problem with those offering lowball offers? The 'low ballers' are just the equivalent of 'flippers' in a falling market. More like 'vulture capitalists'. Bulls, bears, flippers, knife catchers, value seekers all have a function in a free economy and they should be respected for that.
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