Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The sheep are still coming to the slaughterhouse....

....named Alberta Real Estate. And they are coming in buses, thanks to the Alberta Real Estate Network.

"On Friday, Campbell will lead a nine-bus tour of 495 members of his Real Estate Investors Network to locations in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and the "industrial heartland" area -- with lunch at Josephburg, near Fort Saskatchewan.

About half of the participants are coming from beyond Alberta, including a few from outside Canada, Campbell said. This will be his 12th annual tour of the Edmonton, Calgary or Red Deer areas."

Will they be coming next year? Or the year after that. May be, if they can keep on finding 'investors' 'smarter' than themselves (aka greater fools).

Meanwhile, the wolfs and the bears in the garb of higher inventory, rising unaffordability and higher financing costs are sitting and drooling over their would be prey.

Inventory in the comfree system in Edmonton is now close to 2000 while in MLS it is close to 6000. Calgary has close to 1800 on Welist and over 7200 on MLS.

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