Saturday, March 3, 2007

Is this normal, or do I just see too many listings?

While enjoying the warm weather in Edmonton today, I came across 'more than usual' for sale signs.

Too many units to sell or too high a price. I remember visiting this place around in 2004 when a 2 bedroom condo after renovations was selling for $80,000 or so.

Another in Millwoods where selling price should be upwards of $200k. These are absolutely run down units. But if someone doesn't buy these, they'll be pretty much homeless.

This complex was completed a month or so ago in downtown Edmonton and there are already 4 condos for sale here. There are no more than 30 units in this complex. Most of the new condos in downtown Edmonton are for flip fun, I think.

If you have some any nice pictures of the bubble from anywhere in Alberta, please send it to
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