Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Creating Panic....To Buy

Here's a typical realtorspeak
It doesn't really matter that if you were to follow the gist of what the realtor is saying, you just can't buy in this market. Here's the message:

...The moral of the story....the price of your offer is not the only consideration. Sometimes it is better to spend a little more up front, than to find out you'll be spending a lot more once it's too late...

I'm just astonished that realtors can actually say things like these to their clients and the clients are 'opposite of smart' enough to believe in them.
Well, how about suggesting a little bit of rationality. And patience? Or does one really have to buy a condo coverted from a 40 year old building complex by over extending themselves and taking on a 40 year mortgage? Yes, buy now....Alberta will be out of land and building materials soon.
But let's not forget, there will be a time (don't really know when), when the same dynamics will work in the opposite direction. And the broken condos with huge deficits will not attract a single bid in months.

Alas, patience is the hardest virtue to practice.
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